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Isn´t the ´"Articles"-Category useless?


Hmm... Perhaps it just needs more articles. I've got AFN III and I'd like to submit a few articles, if that's okay for you, Jamesy? /Pudi

I have the AFN II book and I guess the reason why I added an articles section was try to attract general information relating to fireworks that basically does not fall into categories like definitions/tutorials etc. I have read the AFN book many times and I have been finding it difficult to extract information from it and add it to this pyroguide. Therefore I thought a Articles category was needed... any additional feedback is welcome. Yes Pudi I would love you to add info from it... as long as you don't breach copywrite etc. Reword the articles if necessary. BTW guys you are both doing a great job, thanks for the contributions. Jamesy

I think once I've uploaded images from the book I've breached the copyright law. How did you upload yours? Asked for permission first or just uploaded? /Pudi

I basically scanned the image from the book and uploaded it. However I am considering removing it as I am really conscious of copywrite and don't want to make an author angry. On the other hand I have considered asking AFN for permission to copy articles and fully credit the source. However I have not yet had the chance to do that and will do when I have some spare time. Jamesy

Well I've got a few sketches on how on how to build a 3" crossette shell that I've drawn. Do you think if I make a working drawing of them and wrote a few words to it, that it would suit in the Articles category? /Pudi

Sorry Pudi for not getting back to you sooner... I have been away on a family holiday and on the last night my boat sank :-( The family is devastated... bloody anchor rope broke during the night and the boat beached itself and basically sank. We are all hoping the insurance cover is ok. We have been busy taking photos, organising quotes etc etc. Anyway onto more fun stuff, basically I scanned the image and uploaded the photo for the AFN article. I am considering removing it as it may breach copyright. If you are keen to write/rewrite articles and redraw pics so copyright is not broken then we will be ok. I want to ask AFN for permission to copy articles with full recognition of its original source, but time has beaten me and I would love some help. On another note I would like to thank you for your contributions to the site, its really appreciated. Would you like to become a moderator ???? Jamesy

I'm sorry to hear about your boat. When I've got a little spare time I'll try to recreate an article. I'd love to become a moderator, but I might need a few "how-to mod" instructions first ;) /Pudi

Still want to know about the mod-thing :o) /Pudi

[edit] User Pyro Videos

I am considering adding a section to this website dedicated to user pyrotechnic videos. I would like to get some feedback on this from the users whom visit the site... Do you have any videos and comments you would like to add to the site.. share any experiences, failures or triumphs.

Basically you would upload your video and add the link to a specific user page and post a comment... what do you all think ?

Jamesy (SysOp)

That would be great

-pyroman of the night

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