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A MSDS is a reference for a specific chemical safety hazards. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet.

toxicity abbreviations:

asn Aspergillus nidulans

ast Ascites tumor

bcs Bacillus subtilis

bfa body fluid assay

bmr bone marrow

brd bird (domestic or lab)

bwd wild bird species

chd child

ckn chicken

CL ceiling concentration

clr Chlamydomonas reinhardi

ctl cattle

cyt cytogenetic analysis

D day

dck duck

dlt cominant lethal test

dmg Drosophila melanogaster

dnd DNA damage

dni DNA inhibition

dnr nNA repair

dns unscheduled DNA synthesis

dom domestic animal (goat, sheep)

dpo Drcsophila pseudo-obscura

emb embryo

esc Escherichia cold

eug Euglena gracilis

eye administration into eye (irritant)

fb fiber

fbr fibroblast

frg frog

gm gram

gpg guinea pig

grb gerbil

grh grasshopper

H hour

ham hamster

hla HeIa cell

hma host-mediated assay

hmi Haemophilus influenzae

hmn human

hor horse, donkey

I intermittent

ial intraaural

IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer

iat intraarterial

ice intracerebral

icv intracervical

idr intradermal

idu intraduodenal

ihl inhalation

imm immersion

imp implant

ims intramuscular

inf infant

ipc intraplacental

ipl intrapleural

ipr intraperitoneal

irn intrarenal

isp intraspinal

itr intratracheal

itt intratesticular

iu international unit

iut intrauterine

ivg intravaginal

ivn intravenous

kdy kidney

kg kilogram

klp Klebsiella pneumoniae

L liter

LC50 lethal concentration 50 percent kill

LCLo lowest published lethal concentration

LD50 lethal dose 50 percent kill

LDlo lowest published lethal dose

leu leukocyte

Liq liquid

lng lung

lvr liver

lym lymphocyte

M minute

m3 cubic meter

mam mammal (species unspecified)

man man

ug microgram

umol micromole

mg milligram

mky monkey

mL milliliter

MLD mild irritation effects

mma microsomal mutagenicity assay

mmo mutation in microorganisms

mmol millimole

mmr mammary gland

mnt micronucleus test

MOD moderate irritation effects

mol mole

mppcf million particles per cubic foot

mrc gene conversion and mitotic recombination

msc mutation in mammalian somatic cells

mul multiple routes

mus mouse

n/a not available

ng nanogram

nml non-mammalian species

nmol nanomole

NOAEL No Observed Adverse Effect Level

nsc Neurospora crassa

ocu ocular

ofs other fish

omi other microorganisms

oms other mutation test systems

oin other insects

open open irritation test

orl oral

ORM Other Regulated Material (DoT)

oth other cell types

otr oncogenic transformation

ovr ovary

par parenteral

pg picogram

pgn pigeon

pic phage inhibition capacity

pig pig

Pk peak concentration

pmol picomole

post after birth

ppb parts per billion (v/v)

pph parts per hundred (v/v) (percent)

ppm parts per million (v/v)

ppt parts per trillion (v/v)

preg pregnant

qal quail

rat rat

rbt rabbit

rec rectal

rns rinsed with water

S second

sal salmon

sat Salmonella typhimurium

sce sister chromatic exchange

scu subcutaneous

SEV severe irritation effects

skn administration onto skin

sln sex chromosome loss and nondisjunction

slt specific locus test

slw silkworm

smc Saccharomyces cerevisiae

spm sperm morphology

spr sperm

sql squirrel

srm Serratia marcescens

ssp Schizosaccharomyces pombe

STEL short term exposure limit

TC toxic concentration (other than lowest concentration)

TCLo lowest published toxic concentration

TD toxic dose (other than lowest toxic dose)

TDLo lowest published toxic dose

tes testis

TLV Threshold Limit Value

tod toad

trk turkey

trn heritable translocation test

TWA time weighted average

unr unreported

W week

wmn woman

Y year

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