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Pyrotechnic Supplies - Super Power Company Poland -Is a most popular customer and proffesional fireworks importer and exporter in Poland. - Supplies pyro chemicals including Potassium Nitrate, Red Iron Oxide, Sulphur, Aluminium powder, Magnesium powder, Potassium Perchlorate, Ammonium Perchlorate, Strontium Nitrate, Titanium Powder, Visco fuse, and tubes/end caps. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - All chemicals at least 99.8-99.9% purity - Military Grade Aluminum Powder. The hottest burning aluminum powder available. - The number one Australian supplier for chemicals with safe, Australia wide courier delivery and friendly service. Stocks aluminium powder, potassium nitrate, charcoal, magnesium ribbon, sodium benzoate, sulfur, barium salts, iron oxides and much, much more. Visit today for all your hobby chemical supply needs. - US Fireworks American's On-line Fireworks Superstore. Featuring FREE SHIPPING! Many famous brands, best prices on the internet and friendly service. Fireworks, Fiberglass Mortars, Punk, Pyrotechnic Supply, Sky Lanterns, Fuse, T-Shirts, DVD's, Hats, and more! - PyroGear American Made HDPE Mortars. We carry all size mortars for consumer and display fireworks. 1" to 12" mortars. Over 10,000 Mortars in stock! All mortars come plugged and meet NFPA 1123 Regulations. - WholeSaleSkyLanterns Get the best prices on Sky Lanterns, Free Shipping on orders over $35. Cases of White and Mixed Colors $70.00, Single pieces $3ea. - Dominator Fireworks is one of China's most successful manufacturing and export companies. We manfacture both display fireworks and consumer fireworks. We also specialize in supplies such as electric match, fiberglass mortars, etc. Visit our website to see the world's first giant 24 inch fiberglass mortar manufactured exclusively at our facilities. Photos and video of all new products are also available! Contact us at - Superior Fireworks - Buy fireworks online year-around! Superior Fireworks offers major brands, including Black Cat Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Cutting Edge Fireworks, and World Class Fireworks. - Thunder Valley - We carry a full line of high purity pyrotechnic chemicals, custom smoke mixes and supplies. We custom mill most of our chemicals to suite the pyrotechnic community. We are centrally located in Iowa and ship via UPS. - Superior Celebrations - Superior Celebrations offers an extensive array of sparklers for weddings, parties, July 4th, New Years and more! - American Pyrotechnic Supply. Source for High-Quality pyrotechnic supplies. Offers oxidizers-metals- selection of chems-paper and plastic hemi's-Fuse-ball mills-grinding media- MMO coated anodes-Platinum Plated Anodes -Titanium mesh cathodes. All chemicals are custom milled where applicable. All products are shipped in a sturdy re-usable plastic container . Belong to a pyrotechnic club? Register on the wholesale login area and save. email at or call 1-715-362-4664 office hours are 0800-1900 daily. - Science For You has pyrotechnic and science experiment supplies at great prices with fast shipping. - The Netherlands. A european supplier for almost all your pyro needs. We offer: Hemis, mortartubes, tubes, starpumps, crossettepumps, starplates, rocketsticks, whistle tools, rammers, ricehulls, mesh screens, ceramic media, all kinds of tapes and twines, kraftpaper sheets, parallel wound tubes, spiral wound tubes and more. We send to almost every country in Europe. Decent prices and fast delivery. - Pyrochemsrus - We sell all chemicals for making fireworks and pyrotechnics. We carry potassium perchlorate, potassium chlorate,charcoal, potassium nitrate, plus many more items at FAIR prices! - Pyro Direct - Unbeatable Prices on Shell Casings, Canister Shell Casings, HDPE Mortars, Fiberglass Mortars, Wireless Firing Systems, Sky Lanterns, Fuse, T-Shirts, DVD's, Hats, Pyro Books and Magazines and much much much more. We carry a full line of HDPE Mortars from 1" to 16" and everything in between. Sign up for our mailing list and receive bi-monthly email specials, request a catalog and receive periodic catalogs and sales fliers. - Chinese fireworks suppliers - Arts Pyrotechnics is a professional manufacturing and trading company, our company dealing with both of display fireworks and consumer fireworks, including display shells, Cakes,Candles, Rockets, Fountains and toy fireworks, ETC.If you are interested in our productions and company, please feel free to contact us at: MSN: SKYPE:artspyrotechnics1998 Tel: 0086-731-3629826 Fax: 0086-731-3611454 Mobile: 0086-13875890802 Australian Pyro Hobby Supply!! Stocking chemicals and other items for aussie pyro's. Gradually expanding our product range, so check back often for new items. Get cheap potassium nitrate, sulfur, willow charcoal, aluminium powder, iron oxide and more all delivered to your door in Australia. 1.75" HDPE Mortar Tube DR11, 12" Length (1.91" ID) 1.75" HDPE Mortar Tube DR11, Wireless Firing systems,Predator Ignitors, 15" Length (1.91" ID) Custom Sizes Available, Available in Bulk, Available Plugged or Unplugged, Bulk HDPE Available, We sell bulk pipe in many sizes up to 12" in diameter. Available up to 20' long or cut down to specific lengths you need. Contact us for more details. Bulk Pricing Available 2" - 12" Mortar Tube Plugs Kiln Dried White Pine, Hem Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine Standard plugs are 1-1/2" thick and have a beveled edge Weatherproof Laminations DR#11 --- 2" pipe used for consumer fireworks DR#13.5 --- 2" and DR#17 - 2" used for display fireworks - TNT Fireworks - The largest distributor of 1.4G Class C Common Fireworks in the USA. - Quantum Fireworks: Now you can buy fireworks online at super low prices. We offer the best brands of consumer fireworks along with low wholesale pricing and fast shipping to most areas of the United States. Here you'll find a broad selection of consumer fireworks from the likes of Brothers, Cannon, Red Pearl, Mighty Max, Fire Hawk, Panda, Shogun, and more. - Quantumfire: Fireworks firing systems at super low prices. We offer the best wireless firing systems for consumer fireworks at the lowest online pricing along with fast shipping to all areas of the United States and Canada. - Pyrocreations - We specialize in bringing you top of the line Cannon fuse also known as Wick, Fireworks fuse & Visco Fuse, paper tubes, plugs, fireworks making products, Spiral tubes, Sparklers, Novelty Fireworks and other pyrotechnics at bottom dollar prices that can't be beat guaranteed. Give us a try, you will be glad you did. - Cannon Fuse - Specializes in cannon fuse, firework fuse, paper tubes, shell casings, and for small bottle rockets they also carry silver 1/4' inside diameter, 2' long, 1/16' wall tubes and much more. - Skylighter - Skylighter web site is for people who make fireworks and other pyrotechnics. Skylighter offers a wide variety of novelty fireworks, sparklers, fireworks books, fireworks videos, pyrotechnic chemicals (potassium nitrate, potassium perchlorate, aluminum, sulfur, etc.), fireworks making tools, fireworks tubes (for rockets, mortars, fountains, salutes, shells, etc.), fireworks shell parts, end plugs, end disks, end caps, and other paper and plastic supplies for making fireworks and pyrotechnics to organizations and individuals worldwide. The entire Skylighter catalog is available on-line, including air and surface shipping costs for all U.S. areas and all countries. - Firefox Enterprises - Your superhighway materials source for pyrotechnic special effects, fireworks, special munitions and high power rocketry! No one ships faster than Firefox! We provide same day service in most cases! We are dedicated to helping you find an inexpensive way to promote and practice your hobby, whether it is fireworks, model rocketry, special effects or anything in-between. - Wolter Pyrotechnic Tools - Finding pyrotechnic tooling has always been a difficult endeavor, particularly for the beginner. But not anymore! For over twenty-five years, Rich Wolter has designed and built high quality, yet reasonably priced tools for both professional and amateur pyrotechnicians. Blending old world craftsmanship and modern technologies, he produces the finest quality pyrotechnic tooling available today. - Pianomistro's Custom Tools - Quality, inexpensive pyrotechnics tooling for the beginner or professional. I strive to make my tooling as cheap for the user as possible, while still keeping high standards in quality and craftmanship. Ordering is easy as well using my catalog site: - PyroTooling - is a company dedicated to supplying high quality fireworks construction tools. We specialize in Whistle Rockets, 'Stinger Missiles', and Fountain and Gerb tools. - Spirit of '76 - We offer the best consumer fireworks from Brothers, Cannon, Red Pearl, Mighty Max, and Firehawk. Centrally located in Missouri, we ship all over the US. Beat retail prices and buy wholesale from us! - International Fireworks Web - is the main marketplace for global fireworks trade and the leading provider of online marketing services for fireworks importers and exporters. It is the place for fireworks buyers and fireworks sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. is not a trading company but rather an online business platform, where you can search or post information to find potential business partners on fireworks. There are many new products and videos are updated day by day. - Manchester Fireworks - Firework sales and displays top quality fireworks and supplies for sale all year round buy on line or collect from our Manchester store. We sell Black cat fireworks Menshun Fireworks international and many mone please see our website for info. Jacker Pyro - an amateur pyrotechnics website for building all sorts of pyro devices.

Pyrotechnic Supplies in Europe - Polish supplier of chemicals and other useful pyro goods (grinding media, fuses, mortar tubes...). Large - still developing offer, low prices, kind and fast service (according to our customers opinions).Some of our goods: aluminium (few types), barium chlorate, magnalium (few sizes),magnesium(few sizes), parlon, potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate, chlorowax, red gum, titanium (few types),ammonium perchlorate and a lot, lot more... - Inoxia Ltd - The original dedicated pyro supplier in the UK, since 2005. Sell a wide range of chemicals and woven wire mesh. Ship all stock worldwide except hazardous chemicals (UK only). - The Netherlands. A european supplier for almost all your pyro needs. We offer: Hemis, plastic cannister shell parts, girandola wheels, different kinds of (kraft) paper, tapes, mortartubes, Parallel/convolute wound and spiral wound tubes, starpumps, crossettepumps, starplates, rocketsticks, blackpowder rocket tools, whistle rocket tools, ricehulls, cottonseeds, mesh screens, starsizing screens, , ballmills and equipment. and several kinds of chemicals like charcoal, titanium, redgum, potassiumbenzoate and parlon. We ship worldwide. Decent prices and fast delivery. - Sells chemicals, convolute paper tubes, plastic and paper shell casings, time delays, time fuse - sells special smoke dyes and chemicals to make colored smoke. Shipping worldwide. - '' The cheapest UK postage supplier of non oxidising chemicals and supplies, Cooperman is a hobby pyro himself and prides himself in his large range of stock, anything not listed can usualy be found for you and oxidisers are available by personal collection, now the only UK supplier of ready to dip ematches!! Also builds and sells Ball Mills and Star Mills to your specification at low labour costs! - Hot ferrum is a german supplier since 2006 for metal powder (aluminum, copper, iron, magnalium, magnesium, tin, titanium, zinc, zirconium), charcoal, parlon, potassium benzoate, pvc, chlorinated PVC (CPVC) red gum, sodium benzoate and cardboard products. Ships to european union. - A supplier of chemicals including Potassium Nitrate (KNO3), Red Iron Oxide(Fe2O3), Sulphur (S), Willow Charcoal Powder (C) - Airfloat, Visco Fuse, Electronic Igniters and much more! - - Supplies almost every pyro chemical including Potassium Nitrate, Red Iron Oxide, Sulphur, Aluminium powder, Magnesium powder, Magnalium powder, Strontium Nitrate, Titanium Powder, Visco fuse, and tubes/end caps. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! - All chemicals at least 99.8-99.9% purity Also supplies science/lab chemicals and Alkali metals! - Pyrotechnic Enterprise “Sheriff” has been known in the market for more than 15 years. Since 1998 we have been importing consumer and professional pyrotechnic products from the best producers.. Since 2000 the enterprise holds fireworks displays and produces the equipment for professional fireworks displays. Netherlands A supplier of kno3 , klco3 , Al , and all other chemicals also a supplier for rockets. - Pyro-supplies-uk - A supplier of a variety of fuses and other pyro supplies to UK and Europe, also can provide shipping elsewhere. All fuses are well priced and postage is fast. Very good all round supplier with great service. - Nilsson & Lee Pyrotechnics - Since 1993, a most professional and a true one-stop source for all your raw materials, education, information, product development and any other need within the pyrotechnic field. Customers include individuals, government agencies, and listed stock companies. An innovative world leader in several branches of the pyrotechnic field. - Göteborg Fireworks Factory, Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik - A swedish company doing fireworks displays indoors and outdoors, selling books, supplying all kinds of materials and participation in competitions. 9-time swedish champions, Gold in Knokke 2001, 2007, Hannover 2002-2004, Berlin 2007, Silver in Rome 2002, San Sebastian 2003, Hannover 2005. - Pyrotechnic Supplies (UK) - A great supplier of pyrotechnic supplies from chemicals to fuses to pyro tubes. - An Upcoming Supplier of Pyro Tubes, Pyro Tools, Visco and more in the UK - Has an expanding range of pyro tubes on offer along with other supplies including pyro tooling and Visco, with free UK delivery - Lamee - is a great supplier of natural fuels such as Red gum and Shellac. Specifically important for those who live in the central Europe or Belgium, Holland... International shipping. - PyroPlanet - Suppliers of a variety of fuse wire, tubes and shells to the UK, Europe and Australia. - Hobbychem Supplier of all types of fuse and some chemicals in The Netherlands. Shipping within the EU - High quality products!! Company engaged in the manufacture of components for the fireworks industry mainly from recycled cardboard. Not chemical.Spain - PyroGarage is a great supplier of chemicals, fuses and pyrotechnics tools. International shipping and low prices!

Personal Pages - Just a Website dedicated to Australian's - There's stacks of tutorials for your help. The greatest thing about this website is the forum, it brings all us Aussies together and we can exchange ideas. There are compitions from time to time and some very knowledgeable people. Trueblue pyro has a great youtube channle of great pyrotechnic videos for your enjoyment.

Also at you can see that there is now a store of a few things that might be of interest! Great service and great prices. - Japanese Fireworks - Designed by a japanese pyro enthusiast and professional photographer this page sources numerous photographs and technical information about japanese shells. Some of the shells are quite superior to all that´s available in the western hemisphere. - Brian's Pyrotechnic Website - A personal page with tools, tutorials, pics, video and links. - Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry Website - deals with rockets and their construction, including the pyrotechnic aspects of the subject. Detailed information is provided on preparing and characterizing propellant formulations, and some other pyrotechnic mixtures are put to use for ejecting parachutes, producing smoke trails etc. - Pyrotechs - A website which is hosting Dan Williams 'Amateur Pyrotechnics' web pages, PyroNews, forum, IRC and more. - makechem - A website that offers a book of 111 pages describing how to make many pyrotechnic chemicals that can cost more money than needed. "why buy the cow when you can make the milk yourself" - Matt at Spirit of 76 - Get all the latest news on our company, along with the inside scoop and industry information. - Larry Crump´s Fireworks Pages - A great pyro page featuring hundreds of pictures (effects, display setups,...). - Ulrich Bretscher's Black Powder Page - Excellent page on the history and making of blackpowder. - The Green man - Good page dealing with tool making, pyro projects, chemicals etc. - Sky Lanterns - Sky Lanterns a great addition to a fireworks display. Sky Lanterns / Flying Lanterns from Sky Lanterns 2u.

Pyrotechnic Resources - The Firework Shop List - A extensive directory of firework shops across the internet - find fireworks through out the USA and uk, including other country's. - Epic Fireworks Blog - UK Firework Blog. - Epic Fireworks YouTube Channel - Over 500 Firework Videos. - Pyrotechnic Innovations - Mike Tockstein's Fireworks website. Loaded with tons of free fireworks videos, a great photo gallery, and a unique professional fireworks training section, where you can learn to setup display fireworks like a pro! - Pyrobin - A pyrotechnics related file database everyone can contribute to. official launch date is May 1st. Feel free to join the community now and give us some feedback. If there is something that needs to be fixed or added please feel free to let us know at Oh and please help spread the word. Lets make this community come to life. Thanks MTO Site Admin - Montreal Fireworks - Photos of one of the worlds largest pyro competition. - - China fireworks industry news and events. Abundant fireworks products and videos.Discuss fireworks ideas with China fireworks suppliers directly (discussion column). - - Detailed information about consumer fireworks. Books, DVDs, T-shirts, articles, stories, fun stuff, forum, links and more! - Free Pyrotechnic Information - This site features one of the most current Fireworks and Pyrotechnic link pages on the web. The list of Pyrotechnic Chemical data has been compiled from multiple sources. One of the largest public domain Pyrotechnic book, article, and video collection on the internet. Plus many useful chart and tables pertaining to Pyrotechnics and Fireworks making are on the data page. Finally check the pyrotechnic Search Engine containg over 100 Firework and Pyrotechnic web sites. - UK Pyrotechnics Society - The website for the UKPS. A hub of pyrotechnics discussion for the UK, also welcomes other people from around the globe. - Jackery's Pyrotechnics Page Lots of info and resources, tools/projects, videos of small devices, safety info, and more. - Pyro Universe General fireworks info, pyrotechnic glossary, show tips, and a discussion forum. - PyroReview.Com - The Only Interactive Fireworks Review Site On The Web! - Offers user reviews of over 3,500 different fireworks products from various manufacturers. Also has a gallery with more than 10,000 pictures and videos, forums, links, fireworks chat, and more. - Maltafireworks - Two pyrotechnicians from Malta (which is famous for it´s large cylindrical shells) designed this page. Features photos showing shell and shell assemby. - - The doorway into the world of fireworks, news, reports, links, pyro directory and more! - PyroSummit A pyrotechnic forum site with topics ranging from smoke compositions, firework formulas, pyrotechnical skills and tips and much more. - Chemical Database A chemical database that contains common pyrotechnic chemicals and some obscure chemicals - Pyro Chat Active pyrotechnics chat - Large Resource for Pyro Ebooks Trying to start Active Pyro chat and looking to setup a similar Wiki with a more extensive database in comps - Pyrotalk Forums! - An awesome forum for talking about pyrotechnics! - SECAC - Produces DVDs of fireworks conventions - Superior Fireworks' YouTube Page - High quality fireworks videos; updated regularly throughout the year.

Pyrotechnic Display Companies - Pyrotechnic Enterprise SHERIFF performed great pyrotechnic show "The Taming of FIre". It lasted for one hour and made the audience feel excited and wondered. - Chinese Fireworks Suppliers - Arts Pyrotechnics is a professional fireworks manufacuturing and trading that specializes in Display shells from 2 inch to 16 inch, big cakes, big candles, and fireworks indoor and outdoor. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us We shall be very glad to receive your enquiry. - Pyro-Spectaculars by Souza - Why choose Pyro Spectaculars for your next production... no shows too large or too small! The confidence of knowing that your event will be in the hands of the biggest and best fireworks display company in California, a company that will be there when it counts — before, during and after your display. - Strictly FX - Strictly FX is a live Special Effects company that specializes in Pyrotechnics, Laser Shows, Flame Effects and Confetti for sporting events, concert tours and corporate shows. - PIROTEHNIKA - Company that is a leader in performing all kinds of professional fireworks, stage pyrotechnic effects, movie pyrotechnic effects. We do what others can't, aren't able or are afraid of!

Fireworks Websites - Epic Fireworks - The UK's Biggest Fireworks Shop - Open All Year Round - Largest Range Of Fireworks. - PyroTube - Watch videos of fireworks. Demos, Displays, Home Made Fireworks and more. - Fireworks UK - UK-centred website with consumer fireworks for sale, UK suppliers list, buyers' guides, photographs (and how to photograph fireworks), Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes, clubs, societies and organisations and much more. - PIROTEHNIKA - Company that is a leader in performing all kinds of professional fireworks, stage pyrotechnic effects, movie pyrotechnic effects. We do what others can't, aren't able or are afraid of! - Spectacular Fireworks USA - PA's largest fireworks superstore, including a massive fireworks showroom and warehouse located off Exit 219 on I-81. We carry all of the best names in consumer fireworks. - Kimbolton Fireworks - The only remaining manufacturer of large display fireworks in the UK. Winner of numerous awards. Well designed website. Famous Ron Lancaster is the company´s boss. - Spectacular Fireworks - UK based website specialising in online firework sales and professionally managed fireworks displays. - Manchester Fireworks - Uk based fireworks display company, we also have a huge range of fireworks for sale from our manchester shop] South Florida's Premier Fireworks Display Company

Fireworks nostalgia - - Plymouth, England, UK. Many interesting old fireworks in high resolution photos. - Epic Fireworks Flickr Account - A collection of old firework labels and posters.

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