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If you are unable to find an article and want to request it then this is where you need to start.

Add the article to the topic areas below (please arrange in alphabetical order).

[edit] Topic areas in Articles

Fireworks Foundation, General Reference Book/Website List, Pyrotechniques Institute

[edit] Topic areas in Chemicals

Lithium oxalate - Chlorinated PVC - Barium oxalate - Calcium oxalate

[edit] Topic areas in Compositions

Crimson Powder - Discussion or reference concerning safety (handling & storage) of Golden Powder - colored flash powder -Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant - Lances

[edit] Topic areas in Definitions

[edit] Topic areas in Fuses

Strobe fuse Homemade Fuse

[edit] Topic areas in Effects


[edit] Topic areas in Tools

Spiking horse

[edit] Topic areas in Tutorials

Aluminum Oxide - Beraq Shell - Brocade aerial shell - Cremora - Dahlia aerial shell - Lances and Set Pieces - Multi Break Shells - Multi Shot Roman Candle - Rocket headers - Z-Bomb - Multi Stage Rocket - Mouse "turd" stars

[edit] Topic areas in Charts and Tables

Weight of Stars and Break Charge Respectively in Shells and Starmines of different Sizes and different Star Types

[edit] Topic areas in Techniques


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