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There are many good books and literature available, but care is to be taken to ensure that the information presented is not rendered obsolete with time.

The following is an incomplete list of good literature :

  • Dictionary & Manual of Fireworks by George W. Weingart
  • Fireworks: The Art, Science, and Technique by Dr. Takeo Shimizu
  • Fireworks Principles and Practice by Ronald Lancaster
  • The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives by Tenney L. Davis
  • Pyrotechnics by Alexander P. Hardt
  • Introductory Practical Pyrotechnics by Tom Perigrin
  • Black Powder Manufacturing, Testing & Optimising by Ian Von Maltitz
  • Ball Milling Theory and Practice for the Amateur Pyrotechnician by Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
  • Chemistry of Pyrotechnics Basic Principles and Theory by John A. Conkling
  • Round Stars & Shells by David Bleser
  • Military and Civilian Pyrotechnics by Herbert Ellern
  • Traditional Cylinder Shell Construction by A. Fulcanelli
  • Shenanigans: An epic guide by Jared Smith

Before construction of pyrotechnic devices, Pyroguide may be consulted for information from a more practical point of view. Beginners may start here : Beginners’ pages

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