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Hey Greg, good to hear from you. I am editing the wiki for the first time hence I prefer to practice at this sandbox to make sure I do not commit a blunder.


This is kind of an introduction, my name is Greg and I am having a hard time getting registered for the forum. Anyway I am not that good at editing wiki pages but I do have a few things that may be useful contributions. First I have found that a good source of carbon black is from specialty concrete dealers, where it is used as a pigment. The carbon black that I bought says it is 92-98% carbon black according tot the MSDS, and has worked well as a rocket fuel opacifier. Also I made some black powder with it via the CIA method that burned surprisingly well for the amount of effort it took. For the CIA method I dissolved the KNO3 in an equal amount of water. I then added the carbon black and regular dusting sulfur form the garden shop to the KNO3 mixture. Next I slowly pored this into some acetone that was chilled in an ice bath. The precipitated slurry was poured into a coffee filter and wrung out to remove most of the solvent. The resulting powder wasn't too bad as it was the easiest and fastest batch of black powder I have ever made, and it should work just fine as an ejection charge for my rockets, or maybe even a lift powder. You guys can see a video of a small batch being tested on YouTube. Here is the link.

Anyway I thought that this info could be added to the chemicals page for the carbon black and the black powder made with it added to the varies different topics concerning black powder. Thanks Greg

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