Flash #5



Dampen the mix lightly with water and mix thoroughly such that the material is crumbly but then packs tightly into a ball. If it is at all greasy feeling or mushy, there is way too much water. Save some dry mix on the side just in case it becomes too wet during the dampening. Granulate the damp comp by rubbing the packed ball over a 20 mesh screen. Do not use any screens larger than 20 mesh. If the screen plugs, the comp is too damp. Add more dry comp and thoughly mix in. After drying the granulated powder, it can be used in flash bags. About 3 to 5 grams works well in a 3 inch shell. Experimentation is needed to adjust the amount of burst for good results with different stars and shell construction. This powder can also be used ungranulated, in a central flash bag, in larger shells.

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