Red gum

Red gum

Mixture of compounds.

Yacca gum

Red gum, or accaroid resin, is one of the most widely used organic fuels in modern pyrotechnics and is particularly effective with Potassium perchlorate. It is made from the excretions of Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea Genus), native to Australia. Most of the worlds product originates from Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Historically a different resin by the same name has been sold, which was extracted from waste products of the Eucalyptus timber industry. Red gum is soluble in many conventional solvents; alcohols, ethers, and ketones. Ethanol, methanol, acetone, isopropanol and butanone are commonly used in pyrotechnic preperation. It also has use as a binder.


Red gum may be bought in artistic painting supply stores. It can also be obtained from stores that supply conservators - like shellac, red gum is sometimes used to seal wood surfaces


Red gum is not particularly dangerous or toxic.

Compositions containing Red gum :