Strontium nitrate

Strontium nitrate


Strontium dinitrate

Strontium nitrate is an oxidizer commonly employed in red color compositions in combination with chlorine donors. Strontium nitrate tends to absorb water.


Strontium nitrate may be prepared from nitric acid or ammonium nitrate and strontium carbonate, which is available from ceramic supply stores. Use an excess of strontium carbonate to ensure complete neutralization of acid and recrystallise the product from a slightly alkaline solution to prevent the inclusion of acid solvent droplets in the crystals.


All Strontium salts are irritating and damaging to the eyes so goggles and gloves should be worn when working with strontium salts. Before using any new chemical, or even buying it you should get a full MSDS on it (shown at bottom of page.) Toxicity: Oral rat LD50: 2750 mg/kg.

Compositions containing Strontium nitrate :