Charcoal (Hemp or Paulownia)
SGRS (or Dextrin)


KP is a pyrotechnic composition, originally designed by Takeo Shimizu which is mostly used as burst charge for smaller shells. It is much safer to handle than the H3 bursting charge in many situations, since it contains no chlorates. The danger of H3 is that it can strike against stars containing sulfur, or more dangerously Ammonium perchlorate during transport or lifting, creating an accidental ignition. The sensitivity of Perchlorates with sulfur is also high, and contrary to popular belief, this composition has a higher sensitivity than the H3 burst charge.While Shimizu states that it is not ideal for three and four inch shells, it can be made to work successfully with extra pasting. It is not commonly used on any shells larger than eight inches (200mm) across. Similar compositions have been used with great success in higher end Chinese shells.


Grind the potassium perchlorate by itself in a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder until it is a very fine powder. The same needs to be done to the charcoal and sulphur. Remember all chemicals need to be very fine (like talcum powder), never grind them together. Add 2% of the total composition weight of SGRS and screen the chemicals together by passing the mixture several times through a mesh screen. It can be wet ball milled.

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