airfloat charcoal

When a particle is very fine, it is sometimes called airfloat. This is a term used when a powder is comprised of such tiny particles, that when disturbed, the particles will form a cloud, and will 'float' in the air. Charcoal can commonly be found in this form, as can various other pyrotechnic substances. Airfloat powders can be quite dangerous, as they are easily inhaled and can also get in your soft tissues, like your eyes. Goggles and a dust mask should always be worn when dealing with airfloat powders.


The manufacturing of Airfloat Charcoal is done by a special Airfloat Machine. Comprising of a vat with and air inlet in the bottom (Similar to a fish tank) The vat is fill with water and charcoal, the air is then turned on and allowed to bubble through the mix. The mix starts to bubble over the top, that liquid is collected and dried. Once dried you have Airfloat Charcoal. The theory is that only the lightest particles are picked up by the bubbles, thus leaving the larger particles behind.