Black match

black match

Black match, also known as bare match, is a simple fuse that is regularly used in pyrotechnics, is very easily ignited and typically burns about 1 inch (2.5 cm) per second, depending on the quality of the black powder used. Commercially it is used almost exclusively for the manufacture of quick match or in priming. However in some hobbyist circles it is commonly used as a fuse for igniting entire pyrotechnic devices. Black match is made by coating a thread or threads with a slurry consisting of Black powder, a solvent and a binder, with the solvent usually but not exclusively being water (with or without a fraction of alcohol added). Dextrin is the most commonly used binder in the hobby firework world, with Gum Arabic being less frequently used but superior, with many less issues with flexibility and crumbling. When using black match one must consider the potentially unreliably burn rate and the possibility of sparks from other devices igniting it.