Electrical Firing Box

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An e-match or electrical igniter is an electrical device used to trigger pyro compounds, and is widely used in professional pyrotechnical displays.

They must be hooked up to an Electrical Firing Box (EFB).

Simple, an EFB is a type of remote switch that cause the flow of current trough the e-match resistor end the consequently heating up of the pyro compound.

The most simple way to do it (unsafe!) is just to connect a long wire to an e-match and then connect the other lead of the wire into a suitable battery.

In this tutorial i explain my DIY EFB, very simple but with a PRO feature: a double firing line, 1 for the remote control (long line) (low 5V voltage) and 1 (short) power line (12V) for the minimum power dissipation trough the wire.

Another advantage of the double line is the fact that you can use thin (very long) wire (lighter to carry) for remote cause the power consuption of the solenoid in the relays are a few MilliAmps.

Another pro is the fact that you can carry out the remote unplugged (in your pocket!) and be sure that the things don't fire!!


Tools you need:

(If you want to make the box) 1 plexiglass sheet

1 spool (25-30 m) of audiotype double pole wire (classical thin red-black wire)

about 6-10m of Standard Electrical wire (the type used in Home for 110-220V)

2 Relays with the solenoid rated for 5-6V and with a Maximum amperage rated 7-10A, if you have acces to a 1 relays rated between 15-20A you can use 1. (but cheapest way is to use 2 low Ampere i got mine from e-bay (10 for 5$))

1 Red Pushbutton (e-bay)

1 Safety Key Switch (e-bay)

1 red Led (e-bay)

1 green Led (e-bay)

2 50-100 Ohm resistor (for the led)

1 Female and 1 Male 5,5mm Jack connector

Hot Glue

Electrical Tape

(optional) a piece of Proto PC Board

I made my box, simple making Plexiglass pieces that are glued togheter with a lot of hot glue.

Arrange the parts (switch, led etc..) on the panel and then wire according to the wiring diagram below.